Our Pricing: Your CEO will feel sorry saying it NO.


AI Powered ERP+50 Apps
USD 30000 / INR 25 Lakhs
Unlimited User License
with moneyback gaurantee
if implementation fails.
10X Cheaper then
SAP, MS & Others

Replaces your existing
ERP, CRM, Email, MSOffice
and 50 such softwares
Get rid of
software pollution.


Implementation & Customization
SoftRobot Codeless Platform
USD 2500 / INR 2 Lakhs
per month
for onsite team
till implementation last
20X Cheaper then
HCL, IBM, TCS etc. Implementers

We convert and map your
existing business process
and best practices to
reduce employee resistance
to change.


Outsource Business Operations
Contract Employee SoftService
USD 500 / INR 45000
per month
per manager
cum operator
2X Cheaper then your
existing Employees

Our Trained staff operates
your ERP+Apps and
give timely reports.
Golive without training
or employee resistance.


Cloud Server & Softwares
SoftServer Backup & Maintenance
USD 5000 / INR 4 Lakhs
per year
for cloud server
software maintenance
free upgrades
2X Cheaper then your
inhouse IT Server & IT Staff

Outsourced IT &
ERP+Apps services
to our experts to
reduce Risk and failures.

MobileERP SoftRobot LeadBOT. Automated Lead Generation Robot.

MobileERP Playbook driven ERP vs SAP Form Driven ERP vs Excel & Email driven business automation systems

MobileERP Mobile Phone or Tablet based attendance recording systems with automated payroll. Best suited for construction site for labour attendance.