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Mr. Ashish Shah
Founder CMD MobileERP

What Customers say after buying MobileERP Software License?
1. Before MobileERP, we used 10 software to run our operations. Now everything is fully integrated into one single software called MobileERP.
2. With MobileERP, we run our business 10 times faster with less employees and lower costs. Employees do less work due to data entry automation.
3. We spend less money on IT Dept, Servers, Licensed Softwares and computer hardware, Since most entries can be done on low cost tablets.

Faster Customization with


Codeless Technology

Why MobileERP?

- No Server, No Installation, No User License, No Monopoly, No Headaches
- 10 times cheaper ERP project costs compared to competitors.
- Customized MobileERP better then Best Practices based MNC ERPs.
- Available as Fixed Price Unlimited user license, Royalty/Rental Based.
- Latest Database Driven Codeless Technology using JQ, Bootstrap, w3.css.


1. Employee Work
2. Document Mgmt
3. Mgmt Reporting
4. DataEntry
5. Followups


1. Voucher Entry
2. Store Entry
3. Weighbridge Entry
4. Sales/Tender Entry
5. Payments/Rcpt Entry


1. Costs
2. Employees
3. Collections
4. Process
5. Taxes


MobileERP is Device & Platform Independent Open Source ERP


1. Duplicate Work
2. Rework
3. Repetitive Work
4. Travelling
5. Couriers


1. Server Mgmt
2. Licensing Issues
3. Mgmt Consulting
4. ERP Development
5. Data Entry


1. 9to5 Office work
2. Set ROWE
3. 4 hour WW
4. Tensions
5. Worries

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200 over Pre-Build Apps to run your business @just USD 5 per month per App unlimited user license.*

CRM Apps: Customer Relation Management


Prepare Campaigns against Budget
CRM Campaign against Marketing Budgets & followup.

Campaign WorkDone

Campaign WorkDone
Work done against campaign planned.


Enter Leads against Campaign
Record Leads against Campaign to followup.

Lead Status Change

Update Lead Status
Change and inform management about current status of leads.

SalesForce Apps: Manage Salesperson network


Territory, Partner Data
Build marketing network and give sales targets to territory and Partners.

Salesmen Network

Salesmen Targets
Build marketing network and give sales targets to Salesmen and Partners.


Create CallPlan for SalesPerson
Ask sales persons to work as per call plan.

Sales Reporting

Take Reports from Sales Force
Take Reports from sales persons.

Marketing Apps: To increase your market reach

Prospects Database

Prospects/Contacts Accounts Database
Manage prospects database to do marketing.

Call Center

Bulk Email/SMS/Phone Marketing
Send bulk emails and SMSes to prospects. Do Phone Marketing.


Corporate MobileApp
Get your own custom mobile app on android google play or iphone.

Website with CMS

Content Management System
Get your own custom database driven stunning responsive card based website.

Networking Apps: To expand your marketing network

Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation
Build marketing network and give sales targets to Salesmen and Partners.

Tender Management

Tender Management
Find, Fill and Track Tenders to its fullfillment.

Event Management

Event Management
An App to manage all your events like exhibitions, seminars etc. related data.

Partner Portal

Partner Portal
Make your Franchise, Dealer, Reseller network responsible.

Offer Apps: To speedup your offers to customers


Application to prepare a custom build quotation.

Project Estimate

Project Estimate
Prepare project estimate or bid against Tender.

PriceList / Schemes

PriceList / Schemes
Setup various prices or schemes based on qty, time, region, item etc.

Offer Portal

Offer Portal
Let Customers select their own product & services to build their own offers.

Ordering Apps: To simplify your Sales ordering process

Sales Order

Sales Order Management
Conventional Manual sales order entry for advance/credit sales.

Project Sales

Project Sales
Project Orders which has materil and service tasks as per PERT/CPM.

Services Sales

Services Sales
Services sales for maintenance, contracts, AMC etc..


Point of Sales
Retail sales ordering system in shops or outlets where customers walk-in.

Online Ordering Apps: To implement do-it-yourself ordering process


Latest online do-it-yourself ordering system for net user.


Latest mobile do-it-yourself ordering system for net user.

Online Auctions

Auction Sales
Online Auctioning system to sell goods in auctions like eBay.

Online Subscriptions

Subscription Sales
Subscription based sales to build repeat order customerbase.

Support Apps: To improve your Customer Support

Field Service

Field Service Management
Tablet app to support field personnel activities.


Service Ticket Management
Ticketing app to manage your support executive performance.

24x7 Chat Support

Live Chat Management
Artificial Intelligence based chat expert system with tracking.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal
Customers can directly login to their transactions history.

Warranty Management Apps: To Provide Warranty to products


Warranty Card Print
To Enter and provide warranty card on sale of warranty products.


Warranty Renew Reminder
To remind staff and customer about expiry and renewal of warranty.


Warranty Offer
To provide warranty rebewal offer to customer.


Warranty Collection Entry
Enter Warranty Collection done against offer or renewal of warranty.

Support Call Management Apps: To Provide Support against Warranty.

Call Entry

Call Entry
Call Entry by support staff against customer complains.

Call Respond

Visit Call Entry
Customer visited, call attended and closed is entered here.

Pending Warranty Call

Pending Warranty Call
Pending Warranty service to customer to be provided as mentioned in Warranty Card.

Non-Warranty Calls

Non-Warranty Calls Order
Manage Service Calls outside warranty.

Repair Management Apps: To Provide repairing services.

Service Inward

Service Inward
Machine received for repairing is received in repairing workshop.

Service Outward

Service Outward
Once service is completed the engineer issues machine to customer.

Material Issue for Repairing

Material Issue for Repairing
Material needed for repairing is issued.

Service Bills

Service Bills
Combined Material and Service Bills.

Engineering Apps: To improve your product design


Product Life Cycle Mgmt
An App to manage your entire product life cycles with coding etc.


Materials Master Management
A system to code raw, packing, maintenance etc. materials.


Bill of Materials
Bill of Materials management to identify Direct Materials with 80% costs.


Process Operation and WorkCenter
Process, Operation and Workdenter management.

Planning Apps: To improve your planning


Forecasting with Production Automation
An App to forecast your sales based on historical data.

Project Planning

PERT/CPM with Task Automation
A project portal where everybody enters their tasks and their dependencies.

Material Planning

MRP1/ROP with PO Automation
MRP 1 - Material Requirement and ROP based purchase planning

Production Planning

MRP2/CRP and WO Automation
Manufacturing Resource Planning with Capacity Planning.

Production Apps: To track and improve your production


Production Order
Normally used by Manufacturing / Engineering companies.

Machine Loading Sheet

Machine Loading Sheet
App to track utilization and efficiency of machine in production.


Shopfloor Control
Normally used by batch production companies.


Daily Progress Reports
Normally used by construction or project companies.

Purchasing Apps: To do low cost buying from right suppliers


Purchase Requisition
An App to do manual indenting for assets, special items etc..

Supplier Rating

A system to find right supplier after comparing quotations.

Reverse Auction

Reverse Auction
Requirements published as tenders for suppliers to submit bids.

Purchase Ordering

Purchase Order
A system to create and send Purchase Order for suppliers.

Materials Inward : To Receive materials

RM Stores GRN

RM Receipt from Suppliers
Materials received against PO sent to suppliers.

Fg Stores GRN

FG Receipt from production
A system to manage finished goods receive.

Maintenance GRN

Receipt for maintenance dept
A System to receive materials for machine repairs.

Gate Inward

A system to receive material from outside premises.

Quality Control Apps: To do Quality Control


Incoming Quality Control
A system to do quality control of materials coming from suppliers.


Outgoing Quality Control
A system to do QC of outgoing finished goods for customers.


Line Quality Assurance
A Line Quality Assurance System to manage production Quality.


Non Confirmity Report
An NCR Report required to be maintained by ISO 9000 Quality control standards.

Materials Outward : To Issue materials

RM Stores MRI

From RM Stores against WO
Issue production material against WO.

Fg Stores MRI

From FG Stores against DA
A system to manage finished goods issue.

Maintenance MRI

Manual Issue Against Machines
A System to issue materials for machine repairs.


Manual GatePass Issues
A system to issue material outside premises.

Stock Transfer Apps: To Transfer stock

Store to Store

MI Entry --> Auto GRN
System to Transafer material from one store to another store.

Store to Shopfloor

MI Entry --> Auto GRN
A System to send material from store to shopfloor.

Shopfloor Consumption

MI: Auto MI Entry/Posting at Shopfloor
A system to consume material on shopfloor automatically as per BOM to get WIP Stock.

Shopfloor --> Stores FG

GRN: Receipt of FG against closed WO
A system to receive FG when WO gets closed.

Invoicing Apps: To do Customer Invoicing

Local Invoice

Excise/VAT/GST Invoice & Reports
Invoicing and documents required by manufacturers or traders.

Export Invoice

Export Invoice & Documentation
Invoicing and documents required by exporters

Service Invoice

Service Invoice & Service Tax
Invoices used by Services and Maintenance oriented firms.

RA Bill

Running Account Bills
RA Bills used by infrastructure and project type companies.

Receipt Apps: To get payments from Customer against Invoice

Bank Receipt

Bank Receipt Voucher
Accountants receive amount by cheque and enter manual voucher against invoice.

Cash Receipt

Cash Receipt Voucher
Accountants receive amount in cash and enter manual voucher against invoice

Creditcard Receipt

Customer Payment Selfservice
Customer does payment via credit card on their own via e-commerce apps.

Receipt Posting

Receipt Entry & Posting
Marketing person receiving payments enters details and accounts person posts voucher.

Bill Passing Apps: To do Supplier Bill Passing

Manufacturer Bills

Single Tax on entire bill
Invoices sent by manufacturing oriented firms..

Trader Bills

Different Tax on each line item.
Invoices sent by trading oriented firms.

Import Bills

Import Bills
Invoices sent by foreign company with non-standard taxes.

Other Bills

Other Bills
Invoices sent by Services and Maintenance oriented firms..

Payment Apps: To send payments to supplier against Bills passed

Bank Payments

Bank Payment Voucher
Accountants send amount by cheque and enter manual voucher against bills.

Cash Payments

Cash Payment Voucher
Accountants give amount in cash and enter manual voucher against document

ECS Payments

Payment Automation
Approved payment file is generated as per Bank format for ECS Payments.

Payment Posting

Payment Entry & Posting
List of pending payments are displayed and entries pass on approval.

Automated Accounting Apps: To do Accounts Management via posting

Sales Voucher posting

Sales Voucher posting
System to automate work of accounts department by auto entry.

Purchase Vouhcer posting

Purchase Voucher posting
System to automate work of accounts department by auto entry.

Stock Voucher posting

Stock Voucher posting
System to automate work of accounts department by auto entry.

Claims Expense posting

Claims Expense Voucher
System to automate work of accounts department by auto entry.

Manual Accounting Apps: To do Accounts Management via voucher entry

JV Entry

Journal Voucher Entry
System to manage books via entry by conventional accountants.

CV Entry

Contra Voucher Entry
Bank to Cash OR Bank to Bank entry by conventional accountants

Expenses Entry

Expense Voucher Entry
Manual entries of expenses made as per conventional accounting practices.

YearEnd Closing

Year End Closing
A system to close books of accounts at year end.

Reconcilation & Audit Apps: To do Accounts Reconciliation

Customer Reconciliation

Customer Reconciliation
Customer Reconciliation system. Send Automated payment reminders..

Supplier Reconciliation

Supplier Reconciliation
Supplier Reconciliation system. Get Automated payment alerts.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation
Bank Reconciliation system. Match Bank with physical bank statement.


Accounts Auditing
System to Audit Accounts to check correctness of entries made.

Finance Management Apps: To do finance Management for companies

Financial Planning

Financial Planning
System to do financial planning and fund requirements analysis.


Budget Management
System to manage company via profit center budgets.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting
System to generate Schedule 6, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and P&L.

Management Reporting

Management Reporting
System to prepare automated Cashflow, Fundflow and Ratios.

Cost Management Apps: To find true costs for companies

Stock Valuations

Stock Valuations
System to find stock values as per FIFO, LIFO or Weighted Average methods.


Cost Center Based Accounting
System to manage expenses via cost center controls.


Depreciation Management
System to manage assets costs as per slm, wdv or straight line methods.

Product Costing

Production/Project Costing
System to find actual production or project costs.

Credit Management Apps: To manage credit given to party

Customer Credit Limits

Customer Credit Limits
System to decide credit limit to be given to customers.

Customer Outstanding

Aging and Payment Reminder
System to find customer outstanding and send automated reminders.

Supplier Credits

Suppliers Credit
System to identify Supplier provinding maximum credit.

Loans and Cash Credits

LC, BG, Loans, CC
System to track credit provided by banks etc.

Taxation Apps: To do Tax Management for companies


Excise Computation and Reports
System to manage Excise Documents.


VAT Computation and Reports
System to manage VAT Documents


CST/GST Computation and Reports
System to manage CST/GST Documents.

Service Tax

Service Tax Computation and Reports
System to manage ST Documents.

HR Apps: Build your companies human capital


Process to be followed when recruiting new employee.


Employee Joining
Processes to be followed when new Employee joins.

Work Tracking

Empoyee work reporting
Employee work reporting apps. Employee is supposed to report daily work done.


Retirement or Resignation
Process to be followed when employee resigns or retires

Appraisal Apps: Appraise your employees work performance


Employee Job Confirmation
Do confirmation apprisal for employees on probation.


Employee Self-Appraisal
Make your employee do self-sppraisal.

360 degree

360 degree Appraisal
Employee performance appraisal via 360 degree.

Balance ScoreCard

KRA Based Balance ScoreCard
KRA Based Balance Scorecard based appraisal

Training Management: Train your poor performing employees

Skill Matrix

Training Record Management
Manage Skill Matrix of Employees to find lacking skills.

Training Requisition

Training Requests
HOD or HR or Employee send request for training.

Training Execution

Provide Training
Provide Inhouse or outside training against request.

Training Calendar

Publish Training Available
Identify and publish courses on which training available

Attendance Apps: Build your companies human tracking

Attendance Machine

Attendance Machine data upload
Muterroll and Attendance card auto prepared from machine data.

Mobile Attendance

Manual Mobile Attendance Entry
Enter Attendance on Manual entry basis by Keyboard or QRCode.

Excel upload Attendance

Excel Upload Attendance
Upload Formatted Excel Sheet at end of period to prepare Musterroll.


TimeSheet Self Service
Ask Employees to enter hourly timesheet to make attendance entry.

ESS: Employee Self Service for office absent

Leave Application

Check your Leave Application status and leave balance in leave card.

EGLC Applications

Early Going Late Coming Application
Check your EGLC Application status and attendance card.

OD Visit Applications

Outdoor Visits
Check your approval status of outdoor visits and attendance cards.

Travel Application

Travel Applications
Track status of your travel approvals to provide customer service.

ESS: Employee Self Service for claims

Loan Applications

Loan Applications
Apply Loans and check your existing loans balances paid and to be paid.

Leave Encashments

Leave Encashment
Apply for Leave Encashment against balance leave available.

OT Encashments

OverTime Encashments
See OT Calendar and apply for OT. See your OT Earning statements.

Expenses Claims

Claims Applications
Track status of your expenses claimed, passed, paid or rejected.

EIP Apps: Employee Information Portal

Employee Directory

Employee Directory
Employee contact info accessible on all your devices.

DMS Notice Boards

Document Management System
All your documents centralized, accessible and safe. Anytime, anywhere.

Birthday wish

Birthday wish management
Wish Birthdays or Anniversaries to your peers.

Employee Calendar

Employee Calendar for Meetings
Availibility of Employees for meetings etc.

Payroll: Employee Payment systems


Pay Registers
Create Payroll for Employees with Pay Register based on Musteroll


Wage Registers
Create Wage registers for daily wages based employees not on payroll.

Contract Labour Pay

Contract Labour Payments
Create Registers for Contract Labour Payements.

Timesheet based Pay

Timesheet payroll
Create Payregister based on timesheet based payments.

Employee Benefits: PF/Graduity/ESI/Bonus Systems


Employee Provident Fund
Create Reports for Employee Provident Funds


Graduity Management
Enacash Graduity if your services are more then certain years.


ESI Management
Manage ESI for all your employees so that they can get free medical.


Bonus Management
Provide Bonus to Employees as per companies criteria.

Employee Deductions: Insurance and Taxes

Income Tax

Form 16 TDS
Get Declarations from employees and calculate TDS to be deducted.

Professional Tax

Professional Tax Management
Cut Professional Tax from employee salaries and submit to government.

Security Deposit

Security Deposit
Deduct security deposit from salary to be refunded if employee meets criteria.


Accident and Medical Claim
Manage deductions of accident and medical claims deductions.

Legal Management: Manage your advocates & cases

Case History

Case History
Manage Case History of company.

Case Status Register

Enter current status of cases
Maintain status of cases of company.

Judgement Register

Judgement Register
Keep judgement document repository.

Daily Board

Daily Board
See your companies daily board.

Textile Management: Textile Industry Specific ERP

Textile Sales

Yarn/Cloth Sales
A Excise based system to sell Yarn or cloth manufactured.

Cotton Purchase

Cotton Purchase
A special RMC based purchase system for textile raw materials.

Textile Plant

Textile Plant
Special management of textile machinery based on parameters

Textile Accounts

Textile Accounts
Management of textile related accounting and costing.

Cylinder Management: Gas Industry Specific ERP

Gas Sales

Gas Sales
A special cylinder or traollery based gas sales systems.

Gas Purchase

Gas Purchase
A special multi unit gas purchase and stores related system with loss control.

Gas Plant

Gas Plant
Finding electricity consumption and compressor performances

Cylinder Stores

Cylinder Stores
ECR, ECDN, DC, SC preparations for cylinder related transactions.

Construction: Real Estate Industry Specific ERP

Real Estate Sales

Legal Documentation
BAF, Loan Sanctions, Allotment, Agreements & Sales Deed etc.

Real Estate Purchase

Construction Purchase
A special MRP based purchase system to purchase for Units, ITEMs Subcon etc.

Site Management

Site and Store Management
DPR, Machine Log Based Site and Site Store management

Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance
Management of service providers and society members plus funds.

Infrastructure Construction: Industry Specific ERP

Infra Sales

Tender Sales & RA Bill
Tender Sales & RA Bills against work done DPR. Plus other bills.

Bulk Materials Purchase

Bulk Material Purchase and Stores
Management of bulk material stores via weigh bridge integration and bill passing.

Site Management

Site Management
DPR, Productionlog, Truckcard, Site Attendance, DailyCash etc.

Machine Maintenance

Machine Maintenance
Preventive & Breakdown Maintenance, MachineLog, VehicleLog, FuelLog etc.

Machine Maintenance: Maintenance of Machines

Inhouse Maintenance

Job Card
System to place internal order to maintenance shop.

Outside Maintenance

Work Order
System to place work order to suppliers for repairing, servicing etc.

Machine Log

Machine Log Sheet
It is useful to find who runs the machine with what efficiency.

Fuel Log

Fuel Log Sheet
Management of usage of fuel or electricity in the Machines.

Vehicle Maintenance: Maintenance of Vehicles

Inhouse Maintenance

Job Card
System to place internal order to maintenance shop.

Outside Maintenance

Work Order
System to place work order to suppliers for repairing, servicing etc.

Vehicle Log Sheet

Vehicle Log Sheet or TruckCard
It is useful to find who runs the Vehicle with what efficiency.

Fuel Log

Fuel Log Sheet
Management of usage of fuel in vehicles to find fuel efficiency and costs.

Security Management: Management of Security

Visitor Slip

Visitor Register
System to check visitors coming in and going out.

GatePass Check

GatePass Checking
System to check gatepass for our outgoing vehicles.

Security Attendance

Managing details of security persons
Managing attendance and details of incharge person at gate.

Attendance Card

Employee Attendance Cards
Management and checking of Employees attendance.

Reception Management: Management of Reception

Courier Management

Courier/Post Inward Outward
Managing documents going in and out of company.


Appointments and Meetings
Picking telephones and managing appointment calendars of employees.


Managing Reminders
Managing reminders for employees, suppliers and customers via phones.

Conference Room

Conference Room Booking
Booking Conference Room for meetings etc.

Party Management: Management of Stakeholders


Customer Master
Customers working with company.


Supplier Master
Suppliers working with company.


Employee Master
Employees working with company.


Finance Master
Banks and Financial Institutes

Material Management: Management of Materials


Products Master
Products sold by company.

Raw Materials

Raw Master
Raw Materials Purchased by company.

Sub-Contracting Items

Sub-Contracting Master
Sub-Contracting items purchased by company.


Asset Master
Assets purchased by company

Structure Management: Management of Business Knowledge


Company Master
Structure of Company, Branch, Site etc..


Tax Master
Tax Structure as per tax formulas.


Leave Master
Leave Structure as per leave rules.


Pay Master
Pay Structure as per payroll formulas

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