1 Bulk Material (BM) Stores Kapchi, Grit, Metal BMList, BM & Carting Vendors BMR from Weighbridge / QR Code /UPLOAD FROM EXCEL OR WEBSITE AUTO ENTRY FROM Consumption ratio PO to QUARRY VENDOR QUARRYBILLS/ CARTINGBILLS VIA DAILY BMR Purchase & Payment Voucher for BM, Carting BulkMaterial STOCK Bulk Material Purchase & Payments
2 Hot Mix Plant Mgmt DBM Tender Customers / Project   BMI From Weighbridge/QR Code/UPLOAD FROM EXCEL OR WEBSITE MIX RATIOS OR CONSUMPTION ENTRY RA Bill Preparation for Customer Sales & Receipts Voucher for HotMaterial HotMaterial STOCK HOT Material Delivery
3 Quarry Production Stone, Aggregate, Kapchi QuarryITEM,  Quarry Customers Stone Receipt via weighbridge/QR Code/UPLOAD FROM EXCEL OR WEBSITE Crush Dispatch via weigh bridge/QR Code/UPLOAD FROM EXCEL OR WEBSITE Production Ratios Offer, Sales Bill Preparation for Customer Sales & Receipts Voucher for Quarry Items QUARRY STOCK Sales & Production of Bulk Materials
4 Subcon Mgmt Tender ITEM Subcon Vendor List, Tax Structure     Subcon - WORKORDER prepared from Tender TBOQ Subcon-RABILL via Workdone & MI Entry Purchase & Payment Voucher for BM, Carting PENDING WORK QTY Subcon work & payments
5 Diesel Mgmt Diesel, Petrol Petrol Pump vendor list, Fuel Rate Master PetrolPump Inward DAS / DIS Petrol Pump Agreement - PO Purchase Invoice from Petrol Pump via PP Report Purchase & Payment Voucher for Petrol Pump DIESEL STOCK Overusage of Diesel
6 Construction Materials Water, Bricks, Cement Material Suppliers, MaterialsList GRN - Goods Receipt Note MI - Material Issue Note PO -Purchase Order PI-Purchase Invoice against GRN Purchase & Payment Voucher for Constr Mtrl CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL STOCK Overusage of Materials
7 Asset Mgmt Machinery, Tables, Chairs, PC etc. Asset Type, Depreciation ASSET Register Entry Asset Transfer Entry PO -Purchase Order PI-Purchase Invoice against GRN Asset Purchase, Sales, Depreciation Assets Inuse, Idle, BookValue Purchase & Usage of Assets
8 Own Machinery / Maintenance JCB, Dumper, Tapper Machines Master, RTO / Insurance Masters GRN - Goods Receipt Note for Battery, Tyres etc. Inhouse: Jobcard / Outside: Service-Repair Sheet Machine Log PI-Purchase Invoice for Maintenance of Machinery Purchase & Payment Voucher for Maintenance Machinery InUse, UnderRepair, NonUse Control Own Machinery Usage
9 HireMachinery JCB, Dumper, Tapper Hire Machine Masters, Hire Machine Vendors     Hire Machine Log, PO-Agreement to Hire Machinery Vendor PI-Purchase Invoice for Hire Machinery via HM Log Report Purchase & Payment Voucher for HIRE Machinery Vendorwise Machinery Availability Control Hire Machinery Usage & its payments
10 SITE Expense Mgmt Food, Zerox, Toll, Post, Courier etc. Expense Itemlist,      Weekly Budget Entry, Approval, Reporting Voucher Verification & Approval JV Entry, Contra Entry SITE Cash Balance Control Cash Expense on Site
11 Payroll Manpower Paystructure     Attendance, Leave, Telephone Bills, Loans Rcpts Payroll / Telephone Bills / Employee Loans / Recovery JV/Expense Voucher for Payroll/Loans/ PF/ PT/ TDS / Telephone Musteroll, Salary Register Employee Salary, TDS, PF & Loans
12 Hire Manpower Manpower Dailywages Master     DPR for Manpower Daily Wages Paid Payment Voucher to Workers Wage Register Daily wage workers attendance and payments
13 HR Manpower Employee     Recruitment, ExitInterview,  HR Agency Subcontracting, Kitchen Food Taken Employee Transfer, Insurance, Settlement, Kitchen Bills Employee Insurance, Kitchen Bills/Payments, Settlement Voucher Entry Vacancies List Employee Welfare & Retention
14 Tender Project Customer TBOQ RABILL Pre-Tender Entries / Post-Tender Entries / DPR for Work RA Bill Preparation for Customer from DPR Sales / Receipt  / EMD-Security Deposits Voucher Entry Party Reconcil, Oustanding, Deposit Reminders Sales & Billing Process
15 Finance Money Accounts RA BILL / Sales Posting SUBCON BILL/ Purchase Posting Voucher, Bank Reconciliation As Above As Above TB / BL/ P&L Tax control